About Us

Dry cleaning story. 

Vogue Cleaners was established in 1998 by an elderly, ethnic couple.

It was a small, friendly, neighborhood cleaners, and at the time business went very well.

But after a few years, the owners decided to sell the shop.

And because of the change in management and lack of consistency, Vogue Cleaners began it’s decline.

After that, Vogue Cleaners had several owner changes, until finally in 2013, the Ji (Pronounced like the letter G) brothers decided to buy the business.

Eugene Ji and Luke Ji, already had a firm foundation and background in the dry cleaning business, so it was appropriate for them to take on Vogue cleaners.

After just a year of ownership, and innovation, Vogue Cleaners is beginning to look like it’s former self with a strong passion for customer service, cleanliness, and quality.

Now, the Ji brothers continue to grow vogue cleaners into a eco-friendly, customer service oriented, business like it once was in the past.

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning services and Wet Cleaning method.

Drycleaning equipment for use with perchloroethylene and all Class III-A solvents.

Union drycleaning machines comply with all federal, state, and local regulations set forth by EPA/OSHA and the Clean Air Act.

Dry cleaning is environmentally responsible.

We provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning, as well as the most professional and prompt service in the drycleaning industry.

Wet cleaning laundry doesn’t require the cleaning solvents that are typically associated with dry cleaning, which means less chemicals being released into the environment.

It can be used in all situations, and all different kinds of garment, while being able to clean more effectively than dry cleaning.



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