Tips on how to get out ink stains
Tips on how to get out ink stains

Whether it be shirt or pants, sometimes pens just blow up in your pocket. Here some tips to help you get rid of the inevitable ink stain.

*Be sure to remember this is for hard-worn clothing. This does not necessarily apply to delicate fabrics.

Important strategy when fighting an ink stain

Before you know what to use, you should know how to use it.

Ink stains normally very thick, making it extremely stubborn to get out.

Put a thick cloth or towel under the garment to absorb the ink, as you try to remove it from your clothes

Another method is dabbing with a sponge on the affected area as you spot the stain.


Common Household items to get out ink stains

  1. Garlic- Not many people know that garlic can be used as powerful cleaning tool.
    Grind garlic and a little water. Apply to affected and scrub, then launder.
  2. Vinegar- Apply, then scrub. Repeat as much as necessary, then launder.
  3. Milk- Scrub affected area with detergent. Soak in milk overnight, then launder.
  4. Nail Polish- Apply conservatively. Scrub area. Repeat as necessary, then launder

What should you do if none of these are working? Take it to Vogue Cleaners and ask how we can help!

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