Blood stains on our clothes is a common problem that many of us end up going through.

Here are some home remedies to get of those tedious stains.

Best tips to get rid of blood stains on your clothes
Best tips to get rid of blood stains on your clothes

Wash stained clothes immediately!

Blood stains come out relatively easily when it hasn’t set in the fabric yet.

After 24 hours, it is almost impossible to get the blood out of your shirt.

It is crucial to start washing your garments right away.

Common household items that help get rid of blood stains

  1. Ammonia- This is the most commonly known item people use to help fight blood stains. Just apply and dab the affected area and then launder.
  2. WD-40- Spray affected area and wait a few minutes, then launder
  3. Vinegar- Apply to affected area, scrub, then launder.
  4. Bleach- Note this is for white cotton shirts only, doing so on clothes other than that may damage clothes. Wet the affected area, apply bleach, scrub, then launder.

What to do if the stain is already set

If the stain is already set into the fabric, take it to your neighborhood dry cleaners, Vogue Cleaners!


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