Kids and crayons are a bittersweet mix. Although it’s great

to see your kid having fun, they can easily get pretty messy

while using them, especially with their clothes.

Tips on how to get crayon stains off your clothes.
Tips on how to get crayon stains off your clothes.

Home remedy for cleaning crayon stained clothing

The key to removing crayon stains is heat. When you start your washing cycle make sure

that the setting is at the highest temperature possible. When it is filled with hot water add

a usual amount of detergent, a cup of white vinegar, and a cup of baking soda  Once that is

established, prespot the stain with liquid detergent mixed with water. After you have

removed as much of the stain possible, soak it in washing machine for at least an hour.

Afterwards, run a regular cycle and hang dry once done. Make sure to not put it in the

dryer, because if there is any crayon residue left on the clothes, it may melt inside the

dryer and leave you with bigger problems.

If all else fails…

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