It’s no secret that we all love chocolate. But it’s also no secret

that a lot of us are very clumsy when we’re eating chocolate,

Tips on how to get rid of chocolate stains on your clothes.
Tips on how to get rid of chocolate stains on your clothes.

and we tend to spill it on our clothes frequently. That’s why

we’re here to help, so you can worry less while enjoying your

favorite treat.

First things first..

Before using any of the methods below make sure to scrape off any

excess chocolate on the surface of the fabric. This will help decrease the

amount of chocolate that can get into the fabric once it gets wet.

Home remedies to get chocolate stains out of your clothes

  1.  Vinegar- Vinegar can be used as powerful stain remover.
    Just apply the vinegar to the stained and scrub with a
    sponge or a brush until the stain has been removed.
    Afterwards, wash as you normally would.
  2. Liquid detergent- Mix the liquid detergent with water to
    use as a solution. Scrub the stained area with the solution
    using a brush or a sponge until the stain is removed.
    After, wash as you normally would.

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