Family time at the park may also mean grass stains for the household.

Grass stains will always be a¬†common enemy for many, because they’re

Tips on how to get rid of grass stains on your clothing.
Tips on how to get rid of grass stains on your clothing.

so tough to remove.

That’s why we’re here to help you fight back.

Home remedies to get grass stains out of your clothes

  1. Rubbing alcohol- First, rinse the stain thoroughly with cold water.
    Then put a conservative amount of rubbing alcohol on a sponge or
    a rag. Use the sponge/rag to dab out the stain. Make sure not to
    scrub or wipe, because that may cause the stain to spread.
    Afterwards, wait a few minutes to allow the alcohol to set, then
    wash as you normally would.
  2. Laundry detergent- Because of advancement in knowledge and
    technology, detergent is stronger than ever. Brand names like
    Shout and Gain have soaps they advertise to treat tough stains
    like grass stains. But like always, pre-spotting is still key to
    to removing a stain. Mix the detergent with some water to make
    a light paste and scrub the clothing with a brush or rag.
    Afterwards, wash as you normally would.

If these methods fail, let the professionals at Vogue Cleaners Mountain View give it a shot!

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