Whether you’re playing with your kids in the park or walking across your yard,

you are likely to encounter some mud and/or dirt.

Mud stains on clothes are very common and everyone outdoors are prone to them.

Here are some ways to fight mud and dirt stains at home.

First things first

How to get rid of mud and dirt stains off your clothes.
How to get rid of mud and dirt stains off your clothes.

Before you start, make sure the mud on your clothes is dry.

Trying to brush out the mud out of your clothes while wet

may help the excess mud set in to the fabric.

What to do

When your clothes and the mud are completely dry, begin the cleaning process.

Start by lightly scraping off as much dirt on the surface of the clothing as possible.

Once you have removed all the excess dirt on the surface, fill a container with a

scoop of laundry detergent, a cup of vinegar and water. Use a brush or a rag

to lightly scrub the remaining dirt that is in the fabric with the soap water. Then,

put it in the washing machine and wash as you normally would. Air dry the

clothing in case the stain is still there.

If it doesn’t work..

If that didn’t work, stop by Vogue Cleaners in Mountain View, where we have

professionals that will happily assist you.

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