Tips on how to get rid of nasty deodorant stains.
Tips on how to get rid of nasty deodorant stains.

Man or woman, we all struggle with the same problem: deodorant stains.

W all get them, but nobody likes them.

We’re here to help you get rid of thoseĀ unflattering stains.

Home remedies to get out deodorant stains

Here are somethings you can do at home to get rid of those nasty deodorant stains.

  1. Baby wipes/Make up remover –
    Both of these things are fairly low in moisture and are used on stubborn stains, while still being gentle enough to use on your delicate clothing
  2. Rubbing alcohol –
    Get a small container and mix water with rubbing alcohol at a 3:1 ratio, respectively.
    Use a towel to soak some of the alcohol and rub on stained area.
  3. Vinegar –
    Apply vinegar to the soiled area. Use a soft brush to scrub.
  4. Detergent – Mixing detergent with water can also be a great solution for deodorant stains.
    After mixing, use a soft brush to clean soiled area

If none of these things work, the best option would be to let the professionals handle it.

Visit your local dry cleaners, Vogue Cleaners, and we’ll help ease all your stain related concerns!

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