Sewing machine at Calderon Cleaners
Sewing machine at Calderon Cleaners

Many people come in to our dry cleaners for their alteration and tailoring needs, but are never quite sure what to call the person that is altering their clothes. There are two answers to that question, a tailor or a seamstress.

What is a tailor and what is a seamstress?

People tend to think of everyone that does alterations at a dry cleaners is a tailor, but for the most part, that is incorrect.

Tailors and seamstress’ are in the same category of occupations, but there is one slight difference.

Both occupations do require skill sets of being able to hem, mend, patch, etc, to meet your alterations needs.

But the difference between the two, tailors are able to make clothing, and a seamstress is not able to.

Which means, it is a lot more likely for your neighborhood dry cleaners to have a seamstress  instead of a tailor.

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